A Golden Civilization and The Map of Mindfulness

George Kinder invites readers to imagine a thousand generations have passed and humanity has at last accomplished a Golden Civilization. What does it look like? Who are we there? Of all our systems and structures currently in place which of them got us there? And which of them were irretrievably heading in the wrong direction? He challenges readers to immediately abandon habits, structures, and systems that won’t take us to a Golden Civilization and adopt those that will.

"Not since Walt Whitman have I heard as visionary a voice of inclusion and longing, seeking to free the spirit of humankind, and setting us on a path of wise, honorable, authentic, participative life. George Kinder has envisioned a new world, a leap of civilization based on the foundation of fulfilling the true potential of the conscious human in a world hungry for change. He sets in motion the examined life of democratic freedom along with our global need for a new economic system rooted in true democratic principles of virtue and equality. Kinder points us toward a global renaissance. This is big! This is true integrity in action. I want to help create and live in the world that Kinder teaches us is possible." 

–Eido Frances Carney Roshi, Olympia Zen Center, author of Kakurenbo or the Whereabouts of Zen Priest Ryokan


Transforming Suffering into Wisdom

Mindfulness and The Art of Inner Listening

“In Suffering’s Wisdom, George Kinder has written a meditation book that pulls off the impossible, being instantly accessible and at the same time extremely sophisticated, applying meditation to our most mundane moments and habitual behaviors, while on each page appealing to our highest aspirations to lead more joyous and meaningful lives. This is an exceptionally personal book, from a teacher who has truly lived his meditation practice and constantly renewed it with creativity and passion. Every page is an inspiration and a gift. Don’t miss it!”

— Joel Gluck, MEd, executive coach, meditator, and therapist


Life Planning for You

This do-it-yourself book is life-changing and fun. It is also authoritative, written by award-winning global financial thought leader, George Kinder, with former New York Times personal finance columnist, Mary Rowland. The book will inspire you with stories of how people have made the changes they needed in order to live the life of their dreams. Now you can do it, too. In Life Planning for You the founder of Life Planning, George Kinder, puts in your hands this proven technique that can help you design and deliver your own dream life.

"A triumph! Destined to become one of the most influential books of our time. I found it fascinating, refreshing, educational, practical and uplifting. Kinder's self-help exercises, his case studies, stories and five visions of Life Planning are always inspiring, often deeply moving. He and Mary Rowland provide an exceptional guide to how to find a financial adviser you can trust including a history of the fiduciary movement. In the clarity of his descriptions of Life Planning, he has defined the standard of care against which banks and financial services companies will come to be measured as we move in finance from what he calls a century of sales to an era, global in reach, of empowerment for consumers, delivering freedom. This book is Kinder's masterpiece." 

–Steve Conley, former Head of Investments for HSBC and former Chair of Bancassurance Steering Group of British Bankers' Association


A Song for Hána & The Spirit of Lehoʻula

A Song for Hana & the Spirit of Leho'ula is a love story that unfolds across the majesty of the Hana coast, a sacred place threatened by development. In A Song for Hana the author, lost and distracted, becomes engaged with figures of ancient Hawaii, is transformed by the experience, and comes to the spirit of the place and of himself in the hands of Lehoula, heroine of old Hawaii. You can read this book as a narrative, an adventure, or as a spiritual journey. You can explore each two-page spread as a meditation. Or you can simply enjoy the gorgeous images, relax into and savor the beauty of the Hana coast, the last Hawaiian place. Fifty percent of the profits from this book will be dedicated to help preserve the Hana coast, and to preserve and support traditional Hawaiian culture.


Lighting the Torch

The Kinder Method of Life Planning

Each of us carries within our hearts a "dream of freedom" where lives feel fulfilled and are truly worthwhile. Financial planners offer clients the most comprehensive opportunity to discover and integrate a financial life plan that in fact melds meaning with money. No other professional can help the client unveil his or her most profound dreams and values, and then articulate a financial strategy that empowers successful implementation. The book empowers planners with the processes for connecting the client's dreams of freedom with the strategies of financial planning. It provides training in the Kinder Method(TM) of life planning and a skill set that can provide a consistent and successful process with clients, leading to that moment called "lighting the torch."


The Seven Stages of Money Maturity

Discover a powerful new way to look at your money and your life. 

Where do our attitudes about money come from--and how do they influence our lives? How can we approach financial issues with honesty and without fear? 

In this groundbreaking book, renowned Buddhist teacher George Kinder, a Harvard-trained certified financial planner, demonstrates how we can literally transform our lives emotionally and financially by achieving "money maturity"--a full understanding of the spiritual and psychological issues surrounding our money lives. 

Drawing on ancient Buddhist wisdom and his years of financial practice, Kinder has created a revolutionary program that guides us through the Seven Stages of a revolutionary journey--one designed to help us uncover the roots of our attitudes about money, and attain true peace, freedom, and security in our financial lives.