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September 14, 2019, By InvestmentNews staff, InvestmentNews

George Kinder is listed as one of “20 people who helped shape the financial planning industry” in InvestmentNews’s “50th anniversary of financial planning'“ cover story. Read more…


Buddhist Economics with George Kinder: Creating a Mindful Golden Civilization”

August 27, 2019, By Justin Whitaker, Buddhistdoor Global

Justin Whitaker, Ph.D. of Buddhistdoor Global writes a seminal review of George Kinder’s work to make the world a better place and to create a Golden Civilization, via economics, democracy, mindfulness and a new way of framing the universe we live in. Read more…


August 12, 2019, By Robin Powell, The Evidence-Based Investor Podcast

George Kinder speaks with Robin Powell about mindfulness, life planning, and how to really put the client first in advice conversations thereby affecting real change in the investment industry. Read more…

George Kinder: life planning ten dienste van de aarde”

July 15, 2019, By Willem Vreeswijk, New Financial Forum

Willem Vreeswijk profiles George Kinder after attending a day-long Life Planning Mastery session in Amsterdam hosted by Kinder Institute trainers Louis Vollebregt, RLP® and Anita Vollebregt, RLP®. In the article, Willem captures the essence of Kinder’s work, including his latest book, A Golden Civilization and the Map of Mindfulness, and how it led to a global conversation movement. Read more…

#FASuccess Ep 015: Why Life Planning Is Simply Financial Planning Done Right With George Kinder

April 11, 2017, By Michael Kitces, Financial Advisor Success Podcast

Timeless interview between Michael Kitces and George Kinder that covers the beginning of Life Planning, Kinder’s early career and how he transition from being a financial planner to starting a firm that trains advisors in Life Planning, and Kinder’s famous Three Questions that kick-off the Life Planning engagement. Read more…

George Kinder is fascinating to interview. Members of the press and media outlets can contact or 978-486-8053 to arrange an interview.