Parrots are Dense (Neurologically)

Here is another article turning our understanding of life and intelligence and consciousness topsy-turvy.

A thought that comes frequently to my mind, and one that builds on my post the other day about one trillion civilizations as complex as ours in this galaxy alone, is this: With all our search for "intelligent life" in the universe, how can we expect to communicate with them, when there is not a single species on ours that we have learned to communicate with to the depths of their and our beings?

I will say again my personal belief that the universe is percolating with intelligence and with life everywhere. My hunch is that until we shift our societal focus from the grids of economics, science, and space-time, to our greatest inner resources, we will continue to be ignorant in our communications. Just consider among all you've learned from who communicated most quickly, deeply and richly truths to you.

For me, that communication always came from those most wise or most kind. Something to consider in this mad political year.