George’s thoughts on Why you should participate in a golden civilization conversation.

Conversations for a Golden Civilization

In Life Planning we help clients become their best selves. As Life Planners we learn the skills to deliver this freedom to all our clients. We've discovered that an inspiring vision brings all the energy necessary to overcome obstacles and deliver the dream of freedom.

Considering the difficulties and turmoil that even the best of our cultures are going through, it strikes me that if ever there was a time to bring this same quality of excitement and freedom to the world and for generations to come, it is now. For me it is as compelling as it is obvious; it is time, using EVOKE®, to life plan civilization.

Most of us articulate our concerns and aspirations for the world on a regular basis with our friends and communities. That's Exploration, the E of EVOKE®.

In my new book A Golden Civilization & the Map of Mindfulness (available on Amazon for preorder in October) I suggest we all do the following exercise–imagine 1,000 generations from now humanity has arrived at a Golden Civilization. What does it feel like? Paint the picture, live into the dream. That's Vision, the V of EVOKE®.

So then in my book I ask the reader to identify all the structures and systems that we have now in place, that will deliver a Golden Civilization to us. Those that we already have, keep them. Those we have not yet adopted, implement them immediately. And all the structures and systems that won't deliver a Golden Civilization–throw them out without delay. That solves the Obstacles, the O of EVOKE®. As we've said, an inspiring vision brings all the energy needed to accomplish it, even when it seems impossible. That's the magic of Life Planning. It's time to apply that magic, not only to our clients but also to civilization.

George Kinder, Founder and President, Kinder Institute of Life Planning

Most of us feel our civilization and democracy are in a tough place and many are struggling to find hope. Imagine a thousand years into the future there is a Golden Civilization. What does it look like? Feel like? How do people communicate, exchange goods, and govern themselves? And what can we do to start it right now?

Attend a Conversation 

Bring your wildest ideas and most personal values to a conversation about the future. Hundreds of community conversations will happen globally beginning the week of March 4, 2019 to coincide with the launch of George Kinder’s book A Golden Civilization & The Map of Mindfulness.

Lead in Your Community

Become trained in group facilitation and inspired inner listening that leads to a shared vision of what is possible. Join us to learn more at a Life Planning Mastery Session (see dates below). Presentation skills for life planning groups and conversations of a Golden Civilization will be discussed. Listen to video below to learn more about leading in your community.

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George Kinder's thoughts on utilizing the skills of a Registered Life Planner to lead conversations around creating a Golden Civilization