by Ellie Duncan

How many financial advisers think of themselves as life planners? 

George Kinder, founder of the Kinder Institute of Life Planning, believes advisers’ assumptions about their role have been shaped by providers and their focus on financial products.

He explains: “If you think about the history of financial advice it really started with insurance and providing widows, who were devastated with the death of their working husbands, with a way of funding their lives. Life insurance was sold. It was a sales process. 

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by George Kinder

Life planning guru George Kinder has launched his new book and a wider conversation which aims to established ‘a golden civilisation’.

Mr Kinder, founder of the Kinder Institute of Life Planning, hopes the project provokes and inspires revolutionary economic theories, mindfulness, and participatory democracy.

He said: “Anyone can do this. Everyone should do this.

“This is how we bring democracy back to the people.

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by Tim Maurer

Not all financial planning—or financial planners—are equal.

The Certified Financial Planner™ Board has done much to standardize a substantive base level of knowledge for aspiring advisors. But the value of knowledge is vastly diminished without the ability to inspire understanding.

This is where organizations like the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) and the Financial Planning Association (FPA) have helped advisors bring their knowledge to life in the form of understanding, encouraging the employment of second-order thinking on behalf of our clients.

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The penultimate episode of Season One features the father of life planning, George Kinder.

When one wants to master a skill, one should learn from a master.

If you want to understand what living a life of real freedom is all about, do yourself a favor and listen to this interview with someone who walks the talk and lives the words he speaks. George is such a person and master of the art of life planning.

He personally has been an inspiration to me and has inspired the myriad others that have known or been taught by him.

In this interview George takes us through his early life, when the seeds of freedom were sown, and the early stages of the life planning movement. You will learn more about the most important skill we can bring to others: being fully present and listening with unconditional positive regard for the one who is sharing with us.

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Hear George Kinder’s speech at the NAFA Fall 2019 Retreat and his breakout session with RLP’s Debra Gallant, Frankie Corrado, Christina Behrens on a Life Planning Panel on October 17, 2019.

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Video interview: Kinder warns advisers against pushing products


By Damian Fantato

The financial service industry's domination by product providers has encouraged advisers to focus too much on their clients' finances, George Kinder has said.

Speaking to FTAdviser, the life planning trainer said advisers need to consider their clients' lives in the round and help them achieve their life goals.

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Mindfulness Mapped: A Leader’s Guide to the Present Moment


Step boldly into your greatness by accessing the present moment. Thought leader, mindfulness practitioner, and finance guru George Kinder unveils his life’s work with a Map of Mindfulness. He uses the map to explain new forms of leadership, economics, and democracy all rooted in the present moment. 

This radical 60-minute talk offers insight into how you can personally apply his methods to access your inner leader and enhance your performance in every aspect of life: at work, with your family, and in your relationships. Kinder explores how strong leadership skills come from being present. Always residing in the present moment means you are ready for anything from inspired action to empathic wisdom. 

His leadership system democratizes entrepreneurial spirit, maximizing both innovation and growth across society as it maximizes the efficient allocation of human capital. He shifts the frame of economic thinking by grounding all of space and time in the present moment and argues that moments of freedom rather than moments of transaction become our focus. He proposes self-knowledge as a more sustainable motivator than self-interest. 

In just one hour, you will understand the present, how to access it, and how it enhances your leadership potential. You’ll discover how to live in the moment and inspire others. You’ll gain a new way of visioning what is possible for the organizations and communities you represent and the tools to take steps to enact change now.

Kinder’s work aims to impact civilization. He’s recently launched a grassroots movement of community conversations happening globally that asks attendees to vision a Golden Civilization and then work to establish it now. His latest book, A Golden Civilization and the Map of Mindfulness, is available for pre-order on Amazon now and can be purchased March 4, 2019. To celebrate the book’s launch, we offer attendees of the live BrightTALK on March 4 a special one-day price of $1.29 for the Kindle version.

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In time of ‘crisis,’ George Kinder has a solution

Life planning pioneer George Kinder is embarking on a worldwide mission to spread the movement he helped start nearly 30 years ago. The world is ripe for such an undertaking, he says.

“We’re at a time of crisis, and it’s a crisis for the whole planet and a crisis for democracy,” Kinder said in an interview at NAPFA’s fall conference. “I think we have a choice, and the choice is, do we allow hierarchies of power to accumulate more power?”

Kinder, a driving force in life planning alongside the late Dick Wagner and other innovators, argues that people have “nothing that we can trust to deliver us a healthy society.” Adam Smith’s theory of self-interest as a driver of the economy has fallen out of whack due to the power held by corporations and governments, he says.

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ACP’s tax-focused comprehensive financial planning process pairs nicely with Kinder’s holistic life planning approach. This year’s annual ACP conference will be held Nov. 6-9, 2018 at the Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay. On Nov. 5 and 6, 2018, as a pre-conference option being offered the two days immediately preceding the ACP Annual conference, George Kinder will be leading his signature “Seven Stages of Money Maturity” workshop. “This workshop trains advisors to help their clients find freedom and financial security by developing clarity and ease around their relationship to money,”


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Is there enough training on soft skills


If soft skills are so vital to being an effective financial adviser then it makes sense for the industry to offer sufficient training.

This could be training for those just starting out as advisers who want to know how to develop and start using these interpersonal skills, or it could be courses which help those who have been financial advisers for years but who are keen to brush up on their skills.

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FT Adviser

by Ellie Duncan


George Kinder on Life Planning, Inspiration and A Golden Civilization

WHO: George Kinder

WHAT: Author, trainer, speaker, father of the life planning movement

WHAT'S ON HIS MIND: "Life planning is fundamentally a listening skill."

FPA RETREAT 2018:  Don't miss George Kinder, as well as other financial planning thought leaders, at FPA Retreat 2018.  Register HERE.

The father of life planning, George Kinder, has been influencing the planning profession through his teachings and writings for more than two decades. And he’s not slowing down anytime soon. He’s finishing his latest book (available later this year) and will give a keynote address at FPA Retreat in April.

Kinder and I spoke via phone from his part-time home in Hawaii about life planning, his teachers, and where he finds inspiration.

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George Kinder heading a panel titled Implementing Life Planning












George Kinder headed a Panel at the PFS in Birmingham. Click here to see to the full panel.

Implementing Life Planning    

Other members of the panel include:

·       Luella Keeley, Moderator

·       Michael Fairweather

·       Justin King

Implementing Life Planning Panel Description;

The panel will be discussing how advisors are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of understanding not only a client’s financial situation, but also how their aspirations, concerns, and values tie into their financial lives. Hear directly from the “Father of Life Planning," George Kinder, as well as practitioners who have implemented various life-centric approaches into their practices as they share their processes, techniques, and tools used in this evolving space. 

The panelists also shared:

·       How to develop the skills needed to be successful in Life Planning.

·       The resources they found most helpful along their own journeys.

Click here to listen to a radio journalist interview George at the event.

4 Must-Dos Before Retirement


I've seen too many people get too late a start on these four essential retirement checklist items.

By EVAN T. BEACH, CFP®, AWMA® | Campbell Wealth Management
September 2017
There is a laundry list of financial items you should tackle before you retire. After meeting with several hundred people who have recently retired, or are about to, I have concluded that the vast majority of people are not overthinking it. In fact, I met with two people last week who told me they had just retired and were now ready to plan. Try to avoid that sequence. Click link to read  more.