If you want a golden civilization,
you must start with what is golden inside of you.

If you want a civilization that will thrive for a thousand years,
you must start with what is timeless inside of you.

If you want a civilization that is universal, reaching into all realms,
you must start with profound respect for all sentient being.


My new book is about a great civilization. A civilization that thrives with freedom for all, for hundreds, if not for thousands of years. I began the book reflecting on both the economic crisis and the political crisis that we have faced starting with the Banking Crisis of 2008, the subsequent Great Recession, and the distrust of the financial services industry.  Moving on to political turmoil in developed democracies, to surveillance, populism, wars, earth-fears, inequality, cynicism, and distrust, I have looked instead for the systems and structure that would bring the authenticity, exhilaration, and peace of freedom.

Much of the institutional failure and social unrest that we find ourselves in today strikes me as the inevitable birth trauma of moving from warring states mentalities to a planetary culture. How do we begin the process of making the transition to Golden Civilization in a way that guarantees a sustainable future bringing freedom to all?

Although my book will cover many of the societal forces needed to bring planetary change, including media, leadership, democracy, financial services and economics, a large focus will be on the necessity of modeling integrity and delivering freedom as the principle for all institutional life, and building wisdom into our structures and systems.

In my professional work, leading the mindfulness based financial Life Planning movement across 30 cultures on six continents, I’ve discovered a methodology that brings freedom into people’s lives across all walks of life. For a Golden Civilization to thrive with freedom self-knowledge needs to replace self-interest and moments of freedom need to replace moments of transaction as the basis of our economic and political lives.

With new maps of both mindfulness and time and space, with new definitions of economics and democracy, I hope to surprise and inspire you to create A Golden Civilization.

— George interviewed by Leisa Peterson on his views of A Golden Civilization, click here for many interview video clips

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George is excited to engage with communities, students, financial professionals, and mindfulness practitioners to spread the word about his revolutionary new book and vision for a golden civilization. See George's calendar of speaking engagements here.  If you're interested in starting a conversation about booking George to speak to your organization, please reach out directly to admin@kinderinstitute.com. Download flyer of speech here.


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